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Kelly Mitchell
Author, Service Provider
Clap If You Can Hear Me
When a teacher exclaims, “Clap if you can hear me,” students are meant to clap once in unison in answer to demonstrate they are attentive, focused, and processing what is being said. The essential ingredient in enhancing education is paying attention. This book presents practical solutions to empower students and parents in education. Clap If You Can Hear Me is a navigational guide that exposes critical deficits in PreK through higher education programs. It also illuminates best practices to prepare youth for life, not just college, which is illustrated throughout each chapter. The culmination of the enclosed suggestions delivers a balanced, quality education that is affordable and relevant. Infusing higher education with life skills and work experience that today’s employers are looking for is a featured theme. To achieve generational wealth and national prosperity, we must rethink how we prepare our youth for life and address post-graduate resources for both primary and higher education students that are entering the workforce. This book reveals the things they don’t tell you and provides an arsenal of implementable solutions for parents and students that you can do to enhance your education. Relevance is the greatest challenge of a robust education. Excelling in global competitiveness happens when we establish a better quality of life for all Americans while simultaneously reducing personal and government debt. Establishing this life begins with education. Clap If You Can Heart Me acts as an advocate for change with solutions that can be immediately applied to benefit students, parents, and lobbied for by any party of interest. Clap if you can hear me, ‘Merica.
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Clap If You Can Hear Me: The Secret Attention Deficits of Education That Prevent Generational Wealth & Prosperity in America by Kelly Mitchell is a book that can only be written by an expert educator and pedagogue and someone with a deep understanding of the flaws in today’s educational systems. The author answers the questions: How relevant are our educational structure and tools to the challenges of our time? Is our education designed to equip students for real life and do students receive the right resources required when the time comes to join the workforce? The answers to these questions are found in the book and the author uncovers those gaps that make preparedness for life almost non-existent in our systems of education and proposes ways to rectify them. This book proposes a methodology that will enable educators to provide students with life skills and the experience required for employment after graduation. 

This book is well-researched and beautifully written. Each chapter handles a specific topic and in a skillful manner, uncovering information, tips, and insights that bring clarity to what good education should look like. Kelly Mitchell discusses the role of the family in education and human formation, the best approach to history and religion, what to focus on in the senior year and the place of hands-on learning experience and entrepreneurship, and a lot more. Clap If You Can Hear Me is a book not only for educators but also students looking for the best resources and tools when determining how to go about their education. It is no wonder that most of what comes in handy when we face life is what we never learned in school and the author shows that what readers absolutely need can be available to them. This is a book that calls for educational reforms, a voice that must be listened to, a light that will lead readers beyond mediocrity into paths of success in business and in life.