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Wayne Adams
Climatological Statistical Tornado Forecasts in Tornado Alley 2023
Wayne Adams, author
On November 11, 2012, Wayne Adams forecast a tornado six months in advance to the street. He sent an email to the American Meteorology Society President and a snail mail letter to the National Severe Storms Laboratory. He was successful in this forecast and received an email back from theNational Severe Storms Laboratory explaining what the next step was to bring this new way of forecasting to science. Again on March 1, 2021, Wayne sent an email to the National Weather Service in Tulsa forecasting a tornado in Fort Smith Arkansas. This time with a new method of confidence interval and probability. The tornado did indeed hit Fort Smith Arkansas. In the book Dixie Alley County To City Tornado Season Climate Statistical Forecasts 2022 Wayne forecast the tornado that hit Washington County Arkansas six months in advance. Now he brings his confidence interval and probabilities to this book across the United States nearly a year in advance. He is currently attending Unity College as a senior student in Climate Studies.