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Arianne Tablante
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Clones New People
Angelo Gualtieri traines as an Engineer and worked most of his life in engineering related activities. He started his working life as a research engineer , and retired as a Managing Director of a shipyard he helped to found. Having spent much time writing reports, he turned o stories in his retirement. Reports have to be factual he says, in stories you can let your imagination run free. ANTHONY DEVLIN Born to an uppercrust English family , Tony brekas the mould to study biology in the USA, and is completing his education with a Doctoral program in genetics. Finding a long forgotten secret file, his world is turned upside down as he discovers the truth about himself. IMOGEN DELANEY Beautiful ,talented, strong minded , Imogen finds Tony irresistibly attractive, and goes on to share with him the new life and world into which they have both been thrust. ANDREA DELANEY Child musical genius , enfant terrible as well as being a delightful little girl, Andrea is Imogen's sister. Or is she? MICHAEL HENDRICKSEN Solid, dependable , Michael is as shocked as anyone when Tony seeks him out to tell him who he is. He becomes the anchor to help them through the trials that lie ahead.