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Codex: a novel
Motherless, left to her step-family by her very own father, Amorette finds her escape inside the pages of the novels she helps to sell. When a nondescript title catches her attention, Amorette takes it home... and finds herself thrown into the middle of a centuries-old feud. One man stands at the center of the danger: Eadric Hawkmore. Arrogant, aloof, and with a name befitting his impossible age, Eadric is the last man Amorette wants to ask for assistance. The only problem with that? Eadric is the only person who can help. From the very first accident, to the unmasking of an ancient madman, Eadric and Amorette find themselves thrust together by fate. Will they find the love they both so desperately seek and still make it through with their lives?