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lydia legend, author
The private, enigmatic head honcho of Farid Global, Isari Al-Farid is the picture of everything successful. He has it all – power, money and control. He works hard for it and protects it at all cost. Returning to his headquarters in New York City, he accepts the anesthetized emotions that will undoubtably come with his pending arranged nuptials to create his heirs. He could live with that. He hates emotions anyway; they will make a man weak and that he will never be. Then a chance meeting whiplashes through his emotional fortress, jolting him to the realization of his empty existence when he encounters Sierah King, a business woman and philanthropist with a heart bigger than anyone he has ever met. Owning her and all she is becomes his obsession. As he wangles his emotional plots to have her his way, he comes face to face with a formidable alpha female who is able to pull on her immense fortitude of resources to tip him in ways he could never imagine.