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Color War: Dinshah P. Ghadiali's Battle With the Medical Establishment over his Revolutionary Light-Healing Science
In 1920 a Parsee Indian named Dinshah P. Ghadiali introduced to the world a new healing science that he spent decades meticulously researching. It was based on color therapy, and hundreds of medical doctors, surgeons, dentists and other health professionals subsequently used it in their practices with astonishingly successful results—often on patients that conventional medicine could not help. Because laypersons could be trained to use this healing science on themselves, Dinshah’s therapy threatened the livelihood of health professionals. In time, the medical establishment, drug industry and U.S. government stepped in to stop him. They branded him a quack, and relentlessly pursued him as Dinshah and followers of his healing science valiantly fought them off. In rich, vivid detail, Color War unfolds this dramatic and remarkable story.