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Heidi Dehncke
Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends
Kids love animals -- and they love picture books about animals, too. Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends takes children on a tour of fifteen types of animal friends. Discover what makes pandas, raccoons, spiders, cats, and frogs unique (just to name a few). Whether or how they play, and what makes them special. While this children's animal book gives interesting and surprising facts, it is the original illustrations which makes this book a treasure. The animal illustrations magnify the beauty and distinctive qualities of each creature. Ultimately, kids learn they share many similarities with animals (both feelings and behavior), and they learn about the world around them.

Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends is a vibrant picture book about various types of animals. The picture book explores different animals across the globe and takes readers on an educational journey to discover interesting and unknown facts about specific animals. The facts even relate to humans! From beginning to end, this picture book will interest readers with education, nature, and fun!


Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends is a picture book that is perfect for young readers who are interested in the world around them as it focuses on different animals in various environments. The author does a fantastic job of weaving educational and fun facts about different animals in the world. From the size of a colossal elephant to a tiny bug, this book will give young readers a new perspective on nature and enhance their scientific vocabulary. This book is perfect in the classroom or before bedtime, and it can take readers on a journey outside of the animals they may or may not see every day. Not only is the book educational, but the book also encompasses glorious illustrations that give a new look to nature’s creatures. Throughout the book, the illustrations mirror the animal facts, so the book offers readers a vivid picture of animals’ actions in nature. Ultimately, this picture book is a prime example of an educational and vibrant experience for young readers to enjoy.