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Joseph Charles Beach
Coming with the Clouds, A Journey through Prophecy

Want to know the truth about Bible prophecy?

Want to know and understand the prophecies of Jesus?

Tired of hearing Bible prophecy predictions that never come true?

This book will provide you with the real truth about Bible prophecy, including the following:

• Old Testament prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and more.

• New Testament prophecies of Jesus and the book of Revelation.

• How the Jewish people and followers of Jesus understood the prophecies.

• Understand Jewish culture, language, customs, and history.

• Understand the true meaning of words or phrases in that time. •\tUnderstand the true meaning of the prophecies that were written.

This book will provide the true meaning of all the Bible Prophecies! We must be able to understand history through the lens of the times in which they were written, not just how they are relevant in today’s news.

It is vastly important that we understand Jewish culture, language, customs, and history, as well as the meaning of words and phrases in that time so we can understand the true meaning of the prophecies that were written. Without this understanding we are reading terms outside of their true meaning and can become confused on what the words of scripture are trying to reveal.

We must recognize the use of symbolism is very prevalent in prophecy, and we should not interpret symbolism too literally or physically. Symbolism is widely used in both the Old and the New Testaments. We cannot allow ourselves to interpret symbolism as only a physical manifestation, if we do, we can twist the scriptures into unrealistic physical renderings that completely distort the true meaning of the writing, and we lose the intended meaning of the prophecy.

“COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, A JOURNEY THROUGH PROPHECY,” explores the scriptures seeking the true meaning of Bible prophecy. All prophecy centers around Jesus, His kingdom, and His rule. The study of all prophecy must be Christ centered. ‬‬‬ As you read this book, you will gain true insight and understanding.

Studying Bible prophecy is one of the most encouraging and faith-building adventures we can take. Bible prophecy gives us hope and keeps us anticipating the Lord’s return.

I invite you to join me in this journey through Bible prophecy. Together we will come away with a clear understanding of what Bible prophecy is all about as well as a more positive view of the end-times and with a greater hope for our future.

When discussing His second coming, Jesus himself said no one knows the time, only the Father knows. It is not up to us to discover the time.

It is up to us to be ready!

If you really want to know the truth about Bible prophecy, read my book today!