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Communication is Care
Communication in healthcare long-remains one of the top reasons for patient complaints in the healthcare system (Reader et al., 2014). While health education programs prepare healthcare providers for technical competency, not all focus on developing our emotional intelligence and human compassion. Communication is Care: 9 Empowering Strategies to Guide Patient Healing is a practical guide to educate healthcare providers on how to strengthen their communication skills and help their patients achieve their highest level of function and independence. It was written to provoke healthcare providers to consider the intangible of communication as not a soft skill, but a psychological force and core skill in the delivery of high quality healthcare. In 2007, when I became a Physiotherapist and a caregiver to my chronically ill father, I experienced both sides of the healthcare system and saw that there was a gap in communication. Negative interactions with healthcare providers proved to be stressful and impacted my dad’s healing, while interactions that were compassionately focused always offered peace of mind - even when the news was hard to hear. And so, I thought to myself: whether the news is positive or negative, what if all communication could be positive? I imagined the mass impact this could have on patient healing and once I started implementing these 9 strategies into my own practice, my patient outcomes began to soar as did fulfillment with my career.