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Mark Tapper
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Mark Tapper, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The three books of the trilogy contemplate the same events through the eyes of different life moments. The first book, The Vials of Our Wrath is a fast-paced thriller whose protagonist is young and idealistic. The second book, My Sun Sets to Rise Again, features an ensemble cast of people in their middle years, coping with all the challenges of their regeneration in a fraught world. Finally, the last book, By the Dead and Drowsy Fire moves slowly through the reflections of a character who is alive centuries after the events of the story.


A very fun and intelligent read. I loved the plausible and frightening view of the future and it’s factions. Interesting characters. Lots going on. Captivating story that kept me engaged and turning the page. Thank you Mr. Tapper. Bring on the next one.

You should read this book. It's an impressive debut from a writer who clearly has a sense of humor (I plan to name my next group of friends the Vicious Circle). It's a rich stew of political intrigue, near-future technologies, intense action and neat turns of plot. I found it eminently satisfying. In fact, I read the entire book cover to cover on a long flight, and it takes a lot to hold my attention for that long. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

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VERDICT:  Tapper offers up a thrilling look into the inevitable sides of morality, scientific directive, and pursuing health to its extreme. His grasp of advanced medicine and people’s wants and fears make for an incredible read.