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Hannah Schuhmann
Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

In this captivating memoir and entrepreneurial guide, 'Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate', Hannah Schuhmann intertwines her German wit with humour, adventure, and prowess. From her rebellious early life in Europe to her arrival in Australia as a backpacker, and eventually establishing herself as Brisbane's real estate powerhouse, Hannah's journey unfolds with unwavering determination and her trademark zest for life.
Schuhmann’s motivational debut dives into what it takes to flourish as a woman in real estate, blending her own story of a career that began in the late ‘90s—without “extensive networks of business associates, neighbors, school, and golf friends”—with a wealth of expert advice, anecdotes, and original tools like her "five keys to success” (Position, Passion, People, Price, and Push). Her enthusiasm, never-say-die attitude, and commitment to standing out (one method: leaning in to her German accent) soon set her on a path to success, despite the industry being dominated by men, and the inevitable setbacks that she details with frankness, clarity, humor, and an eye toward practical lessons…including the story of the fetishist who stared at her feet all through an open house.

Growing up in Germany and starting her career in the hospitality industry, Schuhmann was no stranger to hard work and pursuing her dreams. After getting her first sale, by selling her own home that had been struggling on the market, Schuhmann discovered and nurtured a talent and passion for this work. Schuhmann explains in layman's terms much real estate jargon and pertinent knowledge that will arm any novice real estate agent with the tools needed to understand what goes into succeeding, what pitfalls to avoid, and why “Every sale achieved is as thrilling as the next one.”

This engaging self-help book is an invaluable resource guide that includes exercises and motivational quotes. With the support of her husband, a move to Australia, and the prospect of a newfound career path, Schuhmann reached "remarkable heights" over a career spanning more than twenty years. With much practical, concise detail and advice (she now knows to say “That is entirely up to you,” when a prospective buyer asks if a building inspection is necessary), Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate breaks down the ins and outs of becoming a prosperous real estate agent and starting your own company.

Takeaway: Empowering memoir and guide for women in real estate.

Comparable Titles: Ashley L. Wilson's The Only Woman in the Room, Farrah Ali's Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A