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Don Foxe
Author, Illustrator
Confrontation. Aliens and Humans. Allies and Enemies.
Don Foxe, author
Space Fleet confronts an alien threat while an enemy on the inside is determined to tear it apart. - Book Two in the Space Fleet Sagas follows first contact with aliens, and the realization the galaxy is alive, and in turmoil. The unification of Earth is in peril. Conspiracies to dissolve the central government are real. - Captain Daniel Cooper has changed, but his mission remains the same. Keep the people of Space Fleet safe, and protect his home world. - To solve the mysteries, and prevent chaos he has to decide between humans and aliens, and discover who is the enemy and who is an ally.

A Science Fiction novel that delivers inventiveness in thought and execution Don Foxe’s second book in his Space Fleet Sagas series is sure to impress with a sweeping narrative where the action rarely stops and a delightfully labyrinth plot that ensures tension and suspense are maintained till the very last page. There’s no doubt that this is a thinking fans' space opera with Foxe taking traditional themes and adventure plots and spinning them in unique directions thereby giving his readers something to chew on intellectually. Richly compelling, this is what a page-turner should be. A clever bait-and-switch narrative that masks the twists so you don’t see them coming whilst a host of memorable characters and settings will linger long after the tale is told. Whilst these alone are reasons to begin reading it is, however, the dystopian echoes that set it apart with Foxe steering away from prescriptive science fiction to delve into conscience, choice and identity, to create a novel with a genuine archetypal quality.  


By any stretch of the imagination Confrontation. Aliens and Humans. Allies and Enemies is a genuine gem of a read and is highly recommended.

Readers Favorite

Deepak Menon

In Confrontation: Aliens and Humans - Allies and Enemies, Book Two in the Space Fleet Sagas SFPT-109, John F. Kennedy by Don Foxe, the author expands his insights in this action packed thriller where, besides the threat from aliens, he delves into the danger within from humans. The book starts with explosive action. Captain Daniel Cooper's battleship, which has an advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) named Kennedy integrated into the spaceship, is being attacked by several powerful spaceships belonging to the dreaded aliens, the Zenge, whose aim is to destroy the Mars Shipyard and Docks (MSD), followed by Mars where humans have a big base, and then Earth. A virus deactivates Kennedy and the crew has to defend the spaceship using their own intelligence and abilities. The battle is one sided and, because of many human failures in the absence of Kennedy, Captain Cooper is forced to announce 'We are officially dead' after they are hit by alien torpedoes, electromagnetic pulses and laser. And then comes a great twist in the plot, which I will leave for the reader to discover!

Confrontation is a big book where Don Foxe creates complex scenarios based in space, and uses a grand canvas to introduce a variety of protagonists ranging from aliens from different planets, to a varied spectrum of human protagonists, each with specific skills and differing personalities. He integrates all of them to constitute the Space Fleet. Foxe throws in such esoteric concepts as Fold Space technology to allow super-fast space travel, a powerful Genetically Engineered Neural Network Avatar named GENNA, who is an attractive young lady complementing an extraordinary A.I. named Kennedy, and special energy crystals generating the requisite energy to propel spaceships at FTL speeds. The story expands to introduce horrific invading aliens known as the Zenge, who capture humans and beings from other planets in the Galaxy to use as food. The author uses descriptive narrative to telling effect, instilling plausibility into each new technological concept he introduces. The scene shifts to an interstellar voyage and thrilling battles in space and on diverse alien planets. The cover is attractive and full of explosive color. The action and flow of the story is continuous and seamlessly merging. All the many protagonists are original, effective and memorable. Human emotions play a running part as the story progresses. I especially liked the author's style of descriptive and explanatory writing to lend authenticity to every being, object or scenario. The ending is explosive and thrilling. Foxe establishes himself as an author of fine science fiction, well deserving of 5 stars. 


Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

Confrontation: Aliens and Humans – Allies and Enemies by Don Foxe jumps right into exciting action aboard the SFPT – 109 John F. Kennedy with a simulation of a space battle. Captain Daniel Cooper is concerned about making sure his staff of military, civilian and scientific personnel aboard the sentient Space Fleet Patrol Torpedo ship Kennedy are ready for the next surprise that comes from another galaxy. The earth has not yet joined in trade with any extra-terrestrial worlds, but new technology makes flight to such places much simpler. After having rescued aliens from invaders, Cooper, his superiors and specialists have to figure out where the threat originated and how to make sure they can secure enough crystals from the planet Rys to build and power weapons. What is supposed to be a simple trade mission turns into a battle, but at least significant intelligence is gathered, along with the crystals, from a grateful king. Pursuing the need to fight this unknown threat, some of the alien survivors add their expertise to improve the overall functioning of the Kennedy and other space ships. Meanwhile, back on earth, a hidden plot threatens to undo all the good that Cooper and his team are accomplishing in the far reaches of space. Will the double threat prove too much for the decorated, daring captain and his compatriots or will the spirit of intergalactic cooperation succeed?

Loaded with space battles, the will to dominate the world, greed, diplomacy, romance and intrigue, there is nothing missing in this fantastic science fiction thriller by Don Foxe. Confrontation: Aliens and Humans – Allies and Enemies is actually Book Two in the Space Fleet Sagas, but can be read quite easily as a stand-alone. There are many characters, but the relationships and close working conditions help keep everything straight, and the action carries you right along as each one does his or her job expertly. The outside influences are just one element to keep it interesting and the relationship you build with each of the crew members keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is definitely a book I highly recommend to everyone who loves space action stories.