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Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

When their beloved pets are threatened, a group of ordinary New Yorkers find surprising new connections.
Wein (Roommate) creates a varied and well-developed cast of characters in this Manhattan-set novel with a mystery element. They include Rosa Bassetti, who secretly buried a beloved dead pet in the park behind Gracie Mansion; Ken Hollis, a consultant to the mayor setting up a task force to combat crimes against the elderly; and Eileen Hargan, another animal lover, who’s devoted to her Boston terrier, Fibber McGee, and constantly fearful that she’ll be the victim of a violent assault. Eileen does become the victim of another type of crime when Fibber is dognapped by someone demanding a ransom of $10,000, which she can’t afford. That plot line adds suspense, but the book’s strength lies in Wein’s portrayal of her characters’ deep connections with the animals in their lives. Readers should be prepared for some explicit sex (“Ken plunged his tongue inside and drank the liquid satin”) and a dog accidentally damaging a copy of Publishers Weekly (“It’s only the Fall Announcement issue anyway”). (BookLife)