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Conspiracy of Grace: A Wild Tale of Transformation
Struggling and persistently fighting against family put-downs and abuse of every kind, turned Dale Fiegland into a gun-toting, knife-wielding Mafia runner addicted to alcohol and drugs-the kind of man God loves to get ahold of and change. When Dale finally stopped fighting God and asked Him for help, miraculous events followed that can only be called a /Users/StressFreeKids2/DesktopConspiracy of Grace. This winsome tale, touched with humor, is shared in plainspoken style by a pastor/counselor unlike any you may have met. Dale's story helps lift the spiritual veil, enabling readers to see how God works amid life's gritty, hard-hitting realities. This book will engage and delight you and may challenge some of your ideas about God and faith.
Fiegland chronicles his unlikely transformation from Mafia associate to pastor in this brisk, stimulating fusion of memoir, self-help, and evangelism. Fiegland, now in his 70s, writes that his hardscrabble childhood—he grew up in a dysfunctional Cleveland family, was sexually abused, and by 15 was living on his own above a strip club (where he supplemented his income by working for the Mafia)—contributed to his becoming a drug addict by age 18. In his mid-20s, while he was serving as a Mafia runner and enforcer, the premature birth of his son spurred a three-day drinking binge, after which he turned to God for help. His faith (and several 12-step programs) gradually helped him break the bonds of his addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, and pornography. It also sparked a lifelong ministry of helping others do the same. The author pairs the story of his rocky road to sobriety with resources to help readers who may be facing similar battles, including tips and guidelines from AA and advice for families of addicts. Fiegland’s candid, inspiring journey of healing will resonate with anyone struggling with addiction or those trying to help them. (Self-published)