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Cooler Than Blood
Robert Lane, author
About Cooler Than Blood: 18-year-old Jenny Spencer is missing after a violent nighttime encounter on a Florida beach. Jenny’s aunt, Susan Blake, asks wisecracking PI Jake Travis to investigate. Susan and Jake had only spent one dinner together, but both felt an instant, overpowering attraction. Jake walked away. After all, he was—and is—committed to Kathleen. But having Susan in his life again could be dangerous: dangerous in more ways than one. As Jake and his partner, Garrett Demarcus, close in on finding Jenny, they uncover a shocking secret in Kathleen’s past. Even more shocking is that Kathleen and Jenny’s life are strangely intertwined. For Jake, this case may hit way too close to home—and what started as a race to find Jenny could become a fight to protect Kathleen. As the case heats up and the danger escalates, Jake is forced to examine his moral boundaries. How far is he willing to go for the woman he loves? At what cost? And what about that question that has dogged him since the beginning of the case: was there another person on the beach that night? Tough, tense, and uncompromising, Cooler Than Blood is a sharp, suspenseful tale that spins from page one. Novelist Robert lane delivers a masterful mystery brimming with compelling characters, a sensational storyline and an action-charged plot. A high octane tale resplendent with thrills and chills, Cooler Than Blood brings the heat.