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Laura Urgell
Author, Illustrator
Cooling The Flame: Guiding Kids Through Anger
Laura Urgell, author
Rather than promising to transform your child's challenging moments into a state of zen-like serenity through magic, this book takes a refreshing lighthearted and humorous approach to the unpredictable journey of parenting, spanning from the toddler years to pre-teen tantrums. Urgell acknowledges that parenting is like a wild rollercoaster ride encompassing various stages of childhood. Instead of offering complex theories or one-size-fits-all solutions, the book provides a practical toolbox of tricks to help parents maintain their sanity in the face of broccoli battles, homework resistance, and teenage mood swings. This guide is a blend of real-life anecdotes, relatable situations, and a hefty dose of humor, making it equally relevant for parents of both young children and pre-teens. After all, laughter is the best armor against the chaos of parenthood. The author invites you to grab a comfy chair, and a soothing or caffeinated beverage (depending on the hour), and join her on a journey through the chaos, laughter and occasional eye-rolling moments of parenthood. Welcome to the world of "Cooling the Flame", Your companion for finding moments of calm amidst the parenting storm, making it a must-read for any parent looking to navigate the delicate dance of sippy cups, school assignments, and, of course, those notorious tantrums.