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Cooperative Co-Parenting for Secure Kids

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As a parent, you want your child to feel safe, secure, and confident their needs will be met. But when you’re sharing custody, this can be difficult. You may feel lost, confused, or at war with your co-parent, and in the end, nobody wins—especially not your kid. So, how can you and your co-parent get on the same page when it comes to building a secure foundation for your child in two homes? This book will help you get started.
Making the case that “a good divorce is better than a bad marriage” and that, for children, growing up “with the support and care of both parents” matters more than living arrangements, this supportive parenting resource explores co-parenting, attachment styles, and family dynamics with clarity, empathy, and a wealth of fresh, practical advice. Author Smolarski also gets personal: after the emotional wake-up call of her young daughter expressing her concern and emotions when adjusting to her parents’ recent separation, Smolarski knew she had to put her own feelings of loss, grief, and hurt to the side and focus on providing a secure and stable parenting relationship with her ex for their daughter's sake. Cooperative Co-Parenting for Secure Kids lays out a path for “collaboratively communicating and coordinating routines and scheduling and other concerns, in the interest of “providing a secure environment for your child.”

In clear, inviting prose, Smolarski breaks down how different attachment styles—ambivalent, avoidant, and secure—affect the way individuals parent, love, and handle their emotions, and how understanding these can shape a healthy co-parenting partnership committed to a child or children’s needs. "Co-parents create certainty in the midst of change by committing to show up and be present for your child," Smolarski writes. Personal anecdotes, hard-won experience, and illuminating research demonstrate this, while the author provides tips, advice, and original tools like the six Cs of cooperative co-parenting (commitment, collaboration, clarity, and more) to help readers strengthen relationships and provide stability, safety, and clarity.

Smolarski also answers potential questions that may arise on the co-parenting journey at the end of each chapter. Touching smartly on the evolution of family foundations, Smolarski’s book is a valuable resource that faces all the sadness, fear, shame and anger that "can manifest" when household and family dynamics change and offers support and ways to move forward, such as making a clean romantic break and cooperating to become the "supporting base” for children.

Takeaway: Heartening, original guide for co-parents creating stability for children.

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