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Jennifer Hotes
Author, Illustrator
“A dark, supernatural adventure with Josie Jameson at the epicenter as she discovers her gift is also her curse.” At first glance, Josie Jameson seems like a typical Seattle teen. She attends a preppy high school, has a cute boyfriend, and in a few weeks she’ll learn how to drive a car. But she also hides a secret. Josie has a stone embedded in her heart, well technically eleven stones. They connect her to witches that are scattered across the globe. The stones reek of evil. Corrupted by centuries of lies and deceits and misdeeds, Josie is tasked with cleansing the stones. But how? As tempting as it is to hide her head in the sand, Josie has to face the facts. She doesn’t know how to use her magic. She hasn’t found a way to block the other witches. She can’t figure out how to erase the black marks that keep appearing across her skin. She is clueless. If only her mother were still alive, then Josie would have answers. But Sarah Jameson died with her secrets stitched beneath her ribs. No, Josie is on her own. In fact, she’s never felt more alone in her life. Her powers have scared off her best friends, they’ve turned her into a pathological liar, and have made her reckless as she fights to get her life back. Josie must find answers fast. The other witches are getting downright vicious. They are using the magic to scare, torture, and threaten her: proof that the stones are growing more evil by the day. Time is running short. Set in rainy Seattle, the third installment of the Josie Jameson mystery series is a juicy conclusion. Readers will watch through their fingers as Josie struggles to find her way and hold their breath in hopes she will survive.