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Kathleen Kaiser
Service Provider
Cost of Arrogance
Jake Clearwater, a law professor and a former prosecutor, is urged by the Death Penalty Project to help stem the tide of wrongful death penalty convictions in California by agreeing to represent Duane Durgeon a huge, hulking, hard-boiled badass, who against the advice of his counsel (in fact, he threatened to kill one of them), demanded to address the jury during the sentencing phase of his trial. in appealing his conviction, despite Duane’s despicable persona and indifference to his fate. Jake convinces the reluctant Duane to appeal and wins a retrial where he is pitted against his former boss and bitter foe, prosecutor John Tice. Not to mention the lovely, mysterious juror that turns Jake’s head. What follows is a riveting tale of courtroom drama, suspense, and the exquisite workings of Law and ultimately…of justice.