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Halli Starling
Coup de Coeur
A queer historical fantasy/romance set in a version of 1899 New York City where magic is common and convenient, Coup de Coeur follows the journey of three men whose fates are tied to the seemingly sudden appearance of a strange, possibly sentient, grimoire.

Set in a vividly rendered New York City so rich you could slip into the pages and live there, Starling introduces a cast of characters tangled together by a compelling mystery—as well as deliciously sharp desire. With a cast to die for and an enviable intricate magic system, COUP DE COEUR has captured my heart.

Intrigue, passion, and heart-stopping betrayals will propel readers through the story as Calix, Ethanial, and Aubrey work together to unravel the secrets of a book that can speak to them. Racing against the amorphous yet threatening Golden Order, the three of them must fight the book’s manipulations as well as society’s strictures in order to find safety in a dangerous world. I couldn’t put this book down, and now I’m ravenous for book two. I highly recommend it for any lovers of magic, mayhem, and slow-burn romance.