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Christopher and Giuseppe are more like brothers than cousins. They spent their summers every year at the Jersey shore. They come from a strong Italian family from New Jersey, that has a history of mob related relatives. Chris and Gee’s parents are not part of that world and want to keep their families as far away as possible from that life. Chris and his sister, Suzy, work extremely hard and have learned great work ethics from their parents. Gee, however, has had everything handed to him and is only interested in his physique and screwing women. Chris is in a passionate, long-term relationship with Nicole, who is a successful Essex County Prosecutor. Chris and Gee have a falling out, which puts a wedge between the two. Gee decides to join the mob side of the family and that’s when things get crazy. Chris continues to be more and more successful as Gee gets deeper and deeper into trouble. As feud goes on, Gee destroys some of Chris’ properties and one being pouring a bucket of crap into his high-end Jaguar. Will the New Jersey family ever mend back to the close Italian rooted family they once were? How bad do things get between Chris and Gee? This book is a combo of “The Soprano’s” and “Fifty Shades” without the kinkiness. It’s a great read.