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Jill R Stevens
Create Your Most Delicious Life: Life's a Bitch, Especially Now, Make it a JOY!
Have you ever felt stuck in a life that doesn’t feel like your own? Taking one step forward only to yet again take two steps back? Constantly hiding your true self in an endless spin of . . . -> People-pleasing -> Self-doubting -> Fearing failure -> Believing you're not good enough -> Reliving the past (yet again) When you’re ready to end the cycle of lack and shed those things that hold you back from success and so much delicious JOY . . . . . .you will wildly benefit from the intimately entertaining and heartwarmingly vulnerable look Jill R. Stevens takes into the realm of stories—as shared through 141 easily digestible essays. Everything you know about your life, about YOU, is a story. And you get to decide which stories to keep, which to change, and which to let go. -> What stories are you repeating? -> Who are you being inside those stories? -> Who do you desire to be (instead)? Both personal and widely accessible, the reader is encouraged to untangle the thread that one simple story can weave through years, decades, a lifetime. Through her personal exploration of the tales that kept her stuck, and her transformation to a life of stories aligned in JOY, Stevens invites us inside a delicious new world of infinite possibility. If you’ve ever wondered how to let go of past slights, missteps, disappointments or personal traumas, and craft new stories that you automatically repeat, fall in love with, and that empower you to create your own most delicious life, this is your next must-read book.