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Chris Lumry
Creativity Activated
Chris Lumry, author
Think you aren't creative? Do you struggle to enjoy what you make? Could you use fresh motivation to finish projects at work or home? Creativity Activated is full of practical tips and exercises for upgrading delight, problem-solving, and momentum for what you create in any part of life. Everyone is creative, and this quality is one of the most powerful and important parts of being human. Creative thought has given the world everything from the wheel to tacos to soul music to smartphones, but most importantly it releases joy chemicals in the brain and enables meaningful connection that can help you flourish throughout life. Many struggle to experience these benefits due to pressure, limited understanding, the inner critic, impostor syndrome, and other challenges. These experiences are real but they are not permanent. Discover tools that empower you to address internal blockers and move past constraints. Apply keys that upgrade your process with delight and help you take tangible action. Learn how to increase output and find clarity to create what brings you meaning and satisfaction in your current contexts, no matter the reward you receive.