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Tiffany Speelman
Kara has lived a life full of hardships. Her father abandoned his family when kara was a young girl, her mother remarried a drunken monster and when her mother was near death, Kara fought back and landed herself in a mental hospital. Finding solace in silence, she refused to speak for years, her lack of words being the only thing she had control over. The only comfort in her unstable life was the knowledge of the unseen world and the alluring man that haunted her dreams. Beginning to give up hope of ever leaving the asylum, one night of the unseen creatures of the fae realm changed everything. Taken from her prison and her mundane human life, she was thrust down the rabbit hole into an unimaginable world of chaos and magic with the man she only knew from her dreams. Using her knowledge of the fae and everything she had been taught by her great aunt, Kara must find the strength to face the darkest parts of the fae realm, and of herself.