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Kiamesha Sims
Crimson Blue Blossom
In a modern retelling of a Celtic goddess and god tale lies the tragedy of the Celtic goddess Freyja and her beloved, the mortal named Michael. Although she is in love with Michael, honor and duty win over true love. The spirit of Michael and Freyja lives on and protects their home and balances it with a tree that stands tall with dark purple roses. A hundred years later, Blossom Day is around the corner once more. At the reopening and welcoming ceremony, chaos shifts the intentions of harmony when a garden mage named Lily causes chaos and sparks rumors that could be dangerous for her and everyone in the realm. What secrets does she unintentionally yield? And can she prevent another one from happening, not only by developing her self-confidence and her magical abilities? Can she put her duties and a need to be a heroine aside to save everyone?