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Eli Wilde
Eli Wilde, author
When he was a child, Evan thought angels were looking out for him. Things changed when he went to school and found monsters were the ones looking out for him. Seeing bullies brutalise their way through his formative years changed Evan. Eventually, his mental health made him realise he did not have to care what people thought about him. Being on the edge of society meant nothing could harm him. As school ended, Evan’s coming to age speeded up. He grew stronger both physically and mentally, and the bullies in his workplace were no match for the monster walking in Evan’s shoes. Later, when he found Morris and his wife Denise, they taught him another lesson. A lesson where one man’s wife could become a close friend’s lover, but only if she followed her husband’s instructions. Publisher Warning: The contents of this book are not meant to offend, but it contains scenes of a sexual nature and animal cruelty not suitable for all readers.