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J. Treacy Cole
Cult Following
In this sequel to Wiccan Child, Robin Winter infiltrates a menacing cult. Robin Winter is nearly fourteen years old—old enough to demand answers about her father who has been missing since she was five. Mom is being evasive and it doesn’t add up. Following Robin’s discovery of the supernatural world and her knack for tapping into it, she’s ready to solve the mystery with the help of a more experienced intuitive, the old man Jonas. This unlikely team uncovers a trail from their Minnesota lake home to Stonehenge, England. When her father disappeared, he had been pursuing a story on the Truth Seekers, a religious group rumored to be a cult. Their leader, Blendan Jones, is a local celebrity with an ultra-conservative radio program. To find answers, they must join the cult—putting them squarely at odds with those who will go to any lengths to keep the truth buried. "A tense, atmospheric paranormal thriller with a truly ominous real world inspiration." – Emerald Reviews