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Karenina Murillo
Author, Illustrator
Daily Self-Blessings
Daily Self-Blessings: Simple Coloring Meditations for Inner-Kindness Practicing loving-kindness through self-blessing has been directly linked with heightened levels of gratitude, a state that comes accompanied by elevated feelings of contentment, hope, and an overall sensation of positivity. In this workbook you will be using the Coloring Method to develop your blessing practice. The Coloring Method is a mindfulness tool used for establishing conscious presence by incorporating awareness-based practices with single-point concentration. The Coloring Method Blessing Workbooks are meditation guides that deepen and enrich the act of blessing through the use of visualized and single-focus exercises based on simple imagery and potent oratory engaging activities. Develop and manifest your blessing practice with the aid of the simple guidelines from the Coloring Method.