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Evelyna Starikova
Author, Illustrator
An ordinary woman struggling through each day wins the lotto and decides to buy a drowning Entertainment company in order to save and protect her favorite Idol, but this leads to a romantic struggle as well as a ring of chaos she never saw coming. Moon Ji-Young is an ordinary woman, who is struggling every day just to get through to the next. One day she decides to play the lotto and ends up winning the jackpot of $828 Million. With her winnings, she decides to buy a drowning record label company named BLUM Entertainment, that has just merged to make HoT Entertainment with groups like Hydrangea, LotUS, Dahlia, Soloist Violet and Azalea. Together with her best friend, a graphic designer named Go Mi-Sun, who possesses a huge crush on Hydrangea’s talented vocalist Ju Shin-Hwa, the two take the company over. However, just across the street is a rival company, PSN Entertainment, run by a ruthlessly cunning CEO, Im Mae-Hyeon. Under them is a group known as Nightshade with an idol named Nam Soo-Jin, an arrogant man who wants fame and nothing more than to see the downfall of Hydrangea’s leader, Kim Jae-Hwa and his group. In order to save and protect her artist, Moon Ji-Young and Go Mi-Sun enter a ring of chaos that they never saw coming.