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Nikki Sitch
Daisy's Adventures in Love
Nikki Sitch, author
Daisy’s Adventures in Love picks up where Love, Lust & WTF left off. Daisy’s finally found her match. Or has she? Is Brad really the one? Experience Daisy’s adventures, diving into love, family and fun. Daisy’s heart is on fire, for her girls, for Brad and for his kids. But as Daisy’s family potentially grows bigger, new unsettling—even terrifying—challenges arise. When you love more, you have more to lose. To triumph, Daisy must dive deeper into not only love, but diversity, acceptance and the true meaning of motherhood. Opportunities for growth abound. Kids growing and changing like crazy, love is anything but smooth and simple. Daisy’s gal pal chats bring her back to the the crazy world of dating, a time she wants to avoid like the plague.
Sitch’s follow-up to Love, Lust & WTF?!! explores one woman’s quest for the perfect man. Canadian Daisy Flanigan’s search for love after her husband died in a car accident five years before has been unsuccessful, until she starts dating Brad MacDonald, who seems to meet all of her requirements in a man. The sex is great, and her teenaged twin daughters Jessica and Angela quickly warm to him. Though Daisy and Brad’s son Kris bond quickly, it takes a little longer for his daughter Kari to welcome Daisy. But soon Daisy’s daughters and Kari become friends, and Kari comes out to Jessica as a pansexual transboy, leading Jessica to tell the family about Kari, now Carson’s, sexuality–news that both changes and unites them at the same time.

Focusing on the need for adults to support adolescents at the crossroads to adulthood, Sitch’s of-the-moment plotline will resonate with readers who have faced similar challenges of identity as parents or as children. Brad’s initial disappointment that Daisy talked to a friend whose ex is a counselor working with LGBTQ+ youth before Carson came out to him changes when he realizes that Daisy’s take-charge attitude is one of her endearing qualities. As their relationship becomes more serious, blending their families, Daisy and Brad help Carson navigate the challenging waters of his newly-revealed sexuality. Stich again takes a matter-of-fact approach to sexuality, writing frank discussions that may shock some readers, though many will appreciate Daisy’s candor and her friends’ equally responsive advice.

Although Sitch takes on some serious discussions about the journey teens embracing their sexuality undergo, she offers a consistent undercurrent of humor: Daisy’s comical voice and the ups and downs of everyday life add welcome levity. Sitch’s focus on the difficulties of mixing families, especially when an ex like Brad’s wife is continually unaccepting of her son’s sexuality, further imbues this compelling read with urgent authenticity.

Takeaway: A frank, engaging novel of a blended family learning the value of support for a trans teen.

Great for fans of: J.N. Marton’s My Ticket Out, and Sabrina Symington’s First Year Out: A Transition Story.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A