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Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Pillaging. Violence. That is what the Norsemen were infamous for, and when they invaded the Kingdom of the East Angles in autumn 865, that is exactly what they did. Aveline, an Anglo-Saxon child, is taken captive by Birger Bloody Sword and stolen away to Roskilde, Denmark, where she finds herself alone, abandoned by her God. 

Five years have passed. Adopted by her captor, Aveline is an outsider to the Danes and perceived as a traitor by the Anglo-Saxon thralls enslaved by them. When Birger sets sail to raid once again, he leaves Aveline in the care of the jarl’s son, Vidar, for her own protection. 

Aveline begins to find her place in Roskilde, but even the few Danes she has come to favour are dark, blood-thirsty warriors. When Roskilde is besieged by its bitter rival Aros, Aveline finds herself fighting fearsome enemies alongside the very people who slaughtered her family. 

The compelling and bloody tale of an Anglo-Saxon’s life in the land of the Danes. With human sacrifice, rape and murder, Aveline is thrust into a world more dangerous than she could imagine. Follow Aveline’s journey of love and loss and the harrowing ordeals she must endure to survive.