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Danger to Others
Late October in the Pacific Northwest foothills brings more than a change of season. Psychiatric evaluator Grace Vaccaro is on edge. A field evaluation gone wrong leads to a shooting, Grace’s mother has died and ghosts from her family past are everywhere. When a young psychiatric patient, says she killed her therapist, Grace suspects it’s a delusion and sets out to prove her innocent.

Danger to Others is a superbly crafted, thoroughly engrossing, heartfelt mystery. I have seldom felt such an instant affinity for the protagonist of a novel, in this case, Grace Vaccaro, a mental health evaluator in the greater Seattle area. From the start, Grace's compassion and sense of duty are on full display as she transitions from a suicidal client to learning that a young woman she evaluated may have murdered her therapist. But now the woman has gone missing. The search is on! Along the way, various western Washington locales are woven skillfully into the plot -- locales that serve to illuminate Grace's family history and some hidden secrets. The suspense builds layer by layer to a surprising, somewhat sad, but satisfying conclusion. Danger to Others is a masterful mystery novel, and I can't wait for Martha Crites' next book!

Curt Colbert, author/editor Seattle Noir