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Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Dangerously burned-out, ex-LA cop Cam Starrett imagines his new job in a small, central California town will be a haven from the tragedy, grief, and anger that have shattered his heart. His battered soul cries out for peace and quiet and merciful boredom. Instead - during his very first day in the new town - he fires a gun, delivers an unusual baby, and hauls a passionate young woman into his embrace for a kiss of pure, scorching hunger. Shaken, he's left stunned, perplexed, extremely hot and bothered - but not one bit bored. Despite her training as a school guidance counselor, Meredith Hayden secretly admits that people - especially men - baffle her. Confused and embarrassed by her reckless abandon in the arms of dangerous-looking Cam Starrett, she resolves to keep him at a distance, tempting and torturing them both all the more. But when they uncover an escalating pattern of bigotry and violence that threatens the lives of everyone in the community, Cam and Merry face an ordeal that will test not only the limits of their courage and trust, but also the true depth of their passion. DANGEROUS has been awarded READERS' FAVORITE 5 STARS.
Author Demelza Carlton

"A brilliant combination of suspense and romance that kept me on my toes until the very end."

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"Opens with a bang and just keeps on firing emotions and mystery to the end...Descriptions are vivid and capture a sense of awe, challenge, and love with deft pen strokes. Readers will find something new happens in every chapter...There's a healthy dose of steamy passion that charges the crime focus with romance, making this of special recommendation to romance readers."

F. Nassozi, Readers' Favorite

"A masterfully well-written love story...about a man and woman whose unexpected meeting would change their lives forever ... The excellent blend of intriguing and easy-to-relate-to characters and their different personalities, coupled with an outstanding plot ... (gives) you a very vivid image and a thrilling reading experience. ... An amazing love story with a fairy tale kind of feeling that evokes real emotions and a beautiful connection with the characters."