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Brian Finney
Dangerous Conjectures
Brian Finney, author
From the award-winning author of Money Matters, an explosive family drama set in the Bay Area during the early months of the pandemic: a suspenseful tale of transgressions, betrayals, and the rise of outrageous conspiracy theories. Oakland, California, 2020. Computer scientist Adam cannot understand the widespread appeal of conspiracy theories popularized by the president. He decides to investigate one, QAnon, which turns out to have hidden connections to the White House intent on subverting the upcoming presidential election. His wife Julia, who works at the ACLU, is terrified by the outbreak of the coronavirus and is drawn to the fake online cures Adam detests. Further threatened by the reappearance of a violent ex-boyfriend, Julia sees her life unraveling and resorts to desperate remedies. Brian Finney’s Dangerous Conjectures is a powerful, gripping exploration of the inner lives of two Americans living through a pandemic and a culture overrun with misinformation.