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Alice Lake
Dangerous Kisses
Alice Lake, author
Miss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids, a secret society dedicated to helping women in need. When faced with a terrified new client, Lavinia declares that her client’s fiancé must pay for his sins. The fact that she can’t take her eyes off the man’s kissable lips only spurs her resolve to bring her assignment to a quick conclusion. Eric Yorke, Viscount Mathieson, wishes nothing more than to distance himself from his treacherous fiancée, but in his quest to do so, he finds himself trapped in the clutches of the unconventional Miss Halls. The delectable yet annoyingly persistent woman seems intent on ruining his life no matter how much he tries to thwart her attempts. Her efforts to seek and destroy meet their match in his determination to foil her plans, until their struggles collide in a scandal of enormous proportions. Fated together, they must overcome ruin, danger and heartbreak. Will they be able to survive their past or is their future together doomed?

Semi Finalist

Plot/Idea: 8 out of 10
Originality: 9 out of 10
Prose: 9 out of 10
Character/Execution: 9 out of 10
Overall: 8.75 out of 10


Lake's winning novel is a British period romance revolving around a woman desperate to separate herself from a predestined marriage. Lake does an amiable job of whipping the Victorian melodrama to a frothy peak and keeps her main characters lively, focused, and effectively described with flourishes of romantic suspense and scandal gilding each chapter. Readers eager for a period romance with serviceable writing, strong characterization, and an original plot, will find this dialogue-driven story enticing, spicy, and compelling.      

Date Submitted: July 13, 2016