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Patrick Delaney
Dante's Wicked World
Detective Bill Vanders wakes to find that his best friend Brian and Brian's daughter Cathy have escaped from a hellish world home to living, breathing monsters. His relief is short-lived when he is informed by Addison—a man who isn't quite what he seems— that Shawn, a former stranger turned friend, has been left behind. While Bill and Addison strategize their return to the city, Cathy and Brian struggle to cope with their crumbling relationship and deal with the fallout of being back home. Meanwhile, Shawn has taken Addison's place as the sole inhabitant of Dante's city, a stormy world where nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner. His worst fears are realized when he meets the Collectors; three supernatural beings who roam the streets in a 1959 Cadillac Hearse in search of their next prize. When a failing Cessna Skyhawk brings Victoria—a mysterious yet alluring woman who has lost faith in humanity—to the city, they must work together to unlock the secrets of Addison's Mansion and find the truth. As the survivors battle their own personal demons, the Infinity Killer's siege intensifies, ramping up to a heartbreaking climax that promises bloodshed and tears.