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C. Thomas Lafollette
Dark Fangs Rising
Luke Irontree is a former Roman legionnaire and an immortal vampire slayer now living in Portland, Oregon as the city experiences an upswing in vampire related violence. While he's hunting vampires, he meets Pablo--the second of a local LGBTQ+ werewolf pack who tries to befriend him. After a run in with a human hunter, a Black woman from New York named Delilah, Luke tries to dissuade her from continuing down the dark path of vampire hunting. Instead, she joins forces with Pablo, and they save Luke's life after he's trapped by vampires. Together, they try to figure out why the vampires are abducting Portland's most vulnerable people. After being a lone hunter for ages, Luke must learn that protecting his community isn't a loan endeavor, requiring more than his divinely powered sword and a couple of friends. It takes a community to protect a community as Luke teams up with the entire pack to assault an abandoned jail the vampires are using as a gruesome breeding and feeding center. Luke and the pack leave the jail in flames, but are confronted by the mastermind who's been pulling the strings of the local vampires--an ancient friend Luke thought long dead. Relying on his new allies once again, Luke and the werewolves fight for their lives while trapped on the St. Johns Bridge, narrowly earning their escape and a brief reprieve for Portland.