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Cheryl L-G Trent
Daughter's Fortune: Not a Pirate Book
1688. Jeaneau, The Lady Captain, finds herself unknowingly assisting in a royal coup. To make matters worse she then sails the exiled King James to France to kick off the Nine Years war and Jacobean Rebellion. All the while trying to avoid arranged marriage she ends up in the arms of an abuser while crushing on a British Naval Officer. Official Blurb: It's got action, adventure, sword fighting, sailing, true love, intrigue, betrayal, murder, and yes, it's a kissing book. Jeaneau, The Lady Sea Captain, sails the tumultuous seas of society. To her port, a mother desperately trying to get her married. To her Starboard, the VOC trying to sink her business when she gets hit in the stern with a plot to overthrow a king. Can she survive these battles? And what of the dashing British officer who keeps crossing her bow?