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Alok Gupta
Dawn of Wisdom
Alok Gupta, author
The book is a collection of eighteen poems. The first poem Reflections and Realizations is reminiscing a blessed journey filled with beauty and wonders and sharing snippet of wits and wisdom acquired over the years. The second poem Proposition is sharing few tips that can turn life into a flow, effortless and joyous. Facing Challenges depicts state of mind one needs to deal with trials and tribulations of life without the remorse and the stress. Art of Living is filled with precious advice to follow and practice to handle different life situations and states of mind. Mind – A Miracle Prone to Becoming a Mess is a beautiful poem describing the essence and the inner working of our mind. Meditation is a comprehensive treatise on meditation in poetic form – what it is, how to do it, what to expect from it, all expressed beautifully in few verses. I am not aware if anyone has tried writing poems on subjects like mind and meditation before. Miracles is an attempt to capture the sentiments that if we just pause and pay attention, there are miracles all around us all the time. Khushi is a lovely piece appreciating our cute, playful and affectionate Golden Retriever and her presence in our lives. It’s sure to bring smile to anyone. Next two poems convey beautiful, inspiring messages for all young men and women embarking on their lives’ journey. A message for the Kashmiri People was written when Government of India took the bold step of integrating Kashmir into the mainstream. There are plenty of reasons to love and be proud of my motherland India. I Love About India mentions some of them. Journey Through Dawn to Dusk is a sublime piece that compares the different stages of our lives with different times of a day. The next five poems in the collection reflect our deepest yearning and longing in life. The book contains many beautiful pictures interspersed with the poems that reflect the moods of the poems that follow.