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Dead Ball: A Novel of Murder and Passion

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

"[Dead Ball is] a historically based murder mystery with plenty of surprises--and with a beautiful romantic subplot." --Gary Livacari, author of Reflections on the 1919 Black Sox

In 1912, in a meaningless late-season game between two bottom-of-the-pack National League teams, talented rookie pitcher Hal Gerecke throws a fastball he'll regret as long as he lives.

Rube Wannamaker, the popular plate-crowding batter Hal is facing, apparently never catches sight of the incoming pitch and winds up on the ground, unresponsive and bleeding profusely.

When Hal refuses to finish the game, his budding Big League career comes to an abrupt end. But for some people, that's not enough. Many of Rube's teammates, friends, and fans want Hal's head on a platter. In spite of the threats, it's Hal's concern for the well-being of Rube's young wife, not fear, that prompts him to forget baseball and return to the menial job he held before making it as a pro.

Even so, not everyone forgets Hal. A year later, the founders of a new league--out to correct the more egregious ills of organized baseball--come looking for Hal, eager to sign him to play again.

With mixed feelings, Hal signs. But when he returns to the diamond, he discovers all too soon the lengths to which his unrelenting enemies will go to ruin him or see him dead.

Trick pitches and sharpened cleats are hardly the only perils the young ballplayer now faces.

Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite

Dead Ball...has it all – baseball, romance, murder, suspense, and history...Hutchinson took the history of early baseball and created a winning fictional story.