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David M Cameron
Dead Men Don't Snore

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Everyone told him he needed a holiday. His life had fallen apart around him. His marriage had failed, and he had been dishonourably discharged from the military. He needed to recharge his batteries and make a new start and a break on the Costa Blanca was the opportunity to re-set his life. Two weeks of relaxing, enjoying the sun, and having a few drinks was just what the doctor ordered. It started so well. How was he to know that this was the prelude to the vacation from hell? He soon becomes enmeshed in murder and intrigue and meets a beautiful young woman. Set in the idyllic town of Calpe in Southern Spain, this thriller introduces Gordon Bennet, ex-military, ex-mercenary, in a tale that is a rocket ride of thrills and tension. The brooding Ifach, the giant 332-metre rock that stands as a towering sentinel, forms the backdrop for this high action romp. Where rival crime forces battle for control, only a fool would stand in their way, and Gordon is such a man.
Prairies Book Review

Smart, atmospheric, staunchly engrossing…

Set in the idyllic town of Calpe in Southern Spain, Cameron’s intricate latest introduces Gordon Bennet, ex-military and ex-mercenary, entangled in murder and intrigue. Gordon’s military career is over with a dishonorable discharge, and his marriage has failed. With his life falling apart, Costa Blanca seems like a nice place to relax and rethink his life choices. But when Gordon witnesses a young, beautiful girl getting murdered, he has no idea his life was about to turn upside down once again. With a malevolent group of assassins on his trail and an innocent woman’s life in danger, Gordon has no choice but to jump headfirst into the complicated case. The mind-boggling plot keeps readers thoroughly invested, and the characters are equally compelling. It’s a pleasure to watch Gordon, rather careless and stubborn in the beginning, mature into a cautious, yet determined man as the story progresses forward. Cameron makes good use of all the standard detective fiction ingredients—a troubled hero, malevolent villains, deadly conspiracy, a series of shocking killings, atmospheric setting—turning it into an absorbing crime drama that keep the reader on the edge. A thrilling cat-and-mouse chase between Gordon and the bad guys and an utterly engrossing storytelling build up to a dramatic ending that’s equal parts shocking and satisfying. Along the way, Cameron amplifies themes of companionship, love, trust, pain, and redemption. Deliciously cozy and so very entertaining, this is a treat for lovers of sophisticated crime drama.

Readers Favorite

Reviewed By Anelynde Smit for Readers’ Favorite

David M. Cameron delivers a heart-pounding thriller with Dead Men Don’t Snore. We follow Gordon Bennet, a man trying to salvage what is left of his life on holiday in Spain. Everything is going wonderfully, there are bars for beers and good food but one night will change the course of this trip and his life entirely. Being the witness to the murder of an innocent girl sends the wheels spinning, and he can’t stop them once they’ve been set in motion. Now a marked man, he relies on his knowledge as a former military man to try to escape the people who are aiming to kill him. However, things change when he meets a sweet waitress and is swept off his feet, but can love and hate exist in the same place? Can both exist within one man?

I personally loved this fast-paced novel by David M. Cameron. Dead Men Don’t Snore is a classic example of how to write a story that thrills you with every chapter. I loved the cliffhangers that kept you coming back for more. You were always wondering in the back of your mind who did this or that. It is a very short but exciting book to read. The Spanish used by the locals made this so much more authentic and relatable, but with very controlled use of it, and you never felt like a stranger reading it. The characters were intriguing and had a flavour that made you taste a bit of Spain yourself. David M. Cameron did a wonderful job with this novel.