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Stacia Leigh
Author, Illustrator
Dealing with Blue
Stacia Leigh, author

Children/Young Adult; Romance; (Market)

“Name your price, Suzy Blue. Everyone’s got one.” 
Life used to be “normal” until Suzy Blue moves into the trailer park with her mom. Then things turn secretive and claustrophobic. To get out of the house, Suzy accepts a deal with the charming neighbor boy, J.J. Radborne. All he needs is a pretend girlfriend for bonfires, fun, and a possible prom date, and all she needs is driving lessons to get out of this town...for good.

“You’re making a huge mistake, J.J.”
So says Gemma, J.J.’s ex-girlfriend. She’s turning up the heat in a confusing mind game, and J.J. knows exactly who to team up with: Suzy Blue. She’s cute, convenient, and even sorta funny. More importantly, Gemma’s already jealous. Hey, she started it; he’s just playing along. So, yeah. Suzy…perfect. Now, if she’d only cooperate.

Dealing with Blue is a small town love story set in the Pacific Northwest. It’s about a strong girl and a bad boy peeling back the layers to discover what’s true.

**FINALIST 2015 PNWA Literary Contest for Young Adults**
**FINALIST 2016 PNWA Nancy Pearl Book Award**