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Angelia Bailey
Death 2 My Past - Special Anniversary Edition

Young Adult; Romance; (Market)

DEATH 2 MY PAST is a Young Adult Contemporary with a romance similar to Nate and Bronwyn in One of us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus and perfect for fans of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Although this story is fictional, the mental health content is Own Voices. Abby has the freedom to do whatever she wants in a city with endless possibilities like Rouen. But with no memory of her life before she was ten years old and multiple mental health diagnoses, partying isn't exactly priority #1. When she goes out to celebrate handling her mental health recovery like a boss, a bright red cherry of a distraction in the form of a familiar boy with an annoyingly monstrous ego is smashed on her insanity sundae of a life. Of course, she has to at least figure out how she knows him. Curiosity killed the cat... So, thank the saints Abby isn't a cat.