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Kate Darroch
Death in Paris
Kate Darroch, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Màiri Maguire teaches in top schools all over the world, and runs into murderous mayhem everywhere she goes Màiri is travelling to Paris with her friend Lianna. On the train from Le Havre, Lianna spots the Income Tax Inspector who sent her a ruinous tax bill, Charlie Stout. "Let me at him!" Lianna rages "I'll strangle him!" That night, Stout is strangled and his dead body thrown from the Eiffel Tower. Lianna is the prime suspect. The gendarmes lock her up. In 7 days time, Màiri must be in Istanbul for the start of the new school term. Can Màiri discover the real killer and free Lianna before she has to leave Paris? Or must she choose between her friend's freedom and her own livelihood?