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Libby Sternberg
Two mysteries by an Edgar nominee: DEATH IS THE COOL NIGHT: On the eve of America's entry into World War II, a tortured pianist can't remember the night his nemesis, an opera conductor, is killed. Did he do it? Or is the murderer his beautiful and troubled new love? A dramatic story with operatic overtones…. LOST TO THE WORLD: Ten years after the war, Detective Sean Reilly finds no peace. His wife is gone, he has to raise two boys on his own and solve a complicated new case: the murder of a researcher at the Johns Hopkins polio research labs on the eve of the famous vaccine trials that will save so many children while leaving current polio victims lost to the world.
This volume collects two well-crafted novels by Sternberg (Sloane Hall). In Death Is the Cool Night, which is set in 1941, troubled concert pianist Gregory Silensky is one of several suspects following the murder of Ivan Roustakoff, a pompous and cruel opera conductor, at his home in Baltimore, Md. Gregory, his brain addled by heavy alcohol consumption, fears that he might have strangled his nemesis. Other suspects include Gregory’s love interest, Laura, a beautiful, aristocratic opera singer, who had her own reasons to hate Ivan. Lost to the World, set in 1954 and likewise in Baltimore, centers on the murder of a researcher pioneering a polio vaccine. Blending operatic drama, sumptuous description, and noir, Sternberg gracefully puzzles out her tormented characters’ actions and motivations in each book. The author is an Edgar Award nominee. (BookLife)