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Cornelia Feye
Author, Service Provider
Death of a Zen Master

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

Private security specialist Greg Stern is a reluctant guest in a remote and inaccessible Zen monastery. His wife, Vega, sent him there after a marital transgression to ponder and improve his interaction with women. When a dead boy is found in the meditation hall, the group of eclectic guests and monastics find themselves caught in an enchanted valley with a murderer in their midst.\t

Ex-cop and security company owner Greg Stern, who’s at a Zen retreat in California doing penance for cheating on his wife, winds up investigating a murder in this superior closed-circle whodunit from Feye (Private Universe). To the shock of Stern, his fellow attendees, and the Buddhist monks, nuns, and students residing at the retreat, its leader, Abbess Clarita, is found strangled. The remote location and the nature of the surrounding terrain make it all-but-impossible that an outsider could have committed the crime. Meanwhile, a valuable Japanese wooden statue of the Buddha Amitabha goes missing. Stern’s probing reveals multiple potential motives for Clarita’s killer. In a prior life, she provided vital evidence against a violent L.A. gang, whose members vowed revenge, and her opposition to developers looking to buy the land the Zen center occupies made her further enemies. Feye keeps readers guessing en route to the satisfying reveal. Further books featuring Stern would be welcome. (Self-published)
Readers' Favorite Review

Cornelia Feye’s Death of a Zen Master is a well-written and absorbing story that harkens back to the classic murder mystery novels such as those penned by Agatha Christie. I loved the isolated setting for the crime and relished seeing the fear and suspicion of the students as they realize they are trapped with a killer, with no way out and no way to contact the outside world. Feye’s characters are finely crafted and true-to-life and her plot is ingenious. She gives the armchair sleuth plenty of red herrings to consider along with Greg Stern, as he tries to unmask the killer and stay alive. This classy, modern-day homage to the golden age of murder mysteries is most highly recommended.

5 star review By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite