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Death Takes a Mistress
Death Takes A Mistress features husband-and-wife bookstore owners Dan and Rivka Sherman, reluctant sleuths who find themselves tangled up in a twisty mystery that’s remained unsolved for over twenty years. But this couple is about to learn what it really means to be partners in crime…. \tAbout Death Takes A Mistress: In Bath, England, young mother Lainee Cohen is brutally murdered, her life tragically cut short by the married man whose baby she bore—after he demanded that she abort it. Scotland Yard finds Lainee’s diary, but the case turns cold. Twenty-three years later, Lainee’s daughter, Ivy, seeks revenge on the lover who murdered her mother and deserted her at age three months. \tIvy follows the cold case clues from London, England to Annapolis, Maryland, where she discovers that her father belongs to one of four families. But which one? When she accepts a job at The Olde Victorian Bookstore, Dan and Rivka Sherman’s shop, Ivy finds friendship, advice, and stern guidance. The Shermans are quickly drawn into the mystery and use their former connections at Scotland Yard to obtain Ivy’s mother’s diary. But the diary, filled with shocking entries, is soon stolen. It seems Dan and Rivka may be getting way too close to the truth. \tIn her quest for answers, Ivy causes fear and havoc in the four families—and that alone is enough to put her own life in jeopardy. But as the danger escalates and the case heats up, Dan and Rivka find more questions than answers. Could the Shermans have unearthed something dangerous? What if they are able to get the diary back? Could the diary contain the clues they need to expose the killer? And are some secrets best left buried?