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Decede's Dream
Enter the magical, nightmarish, colourful, worlds of the four L’amie. Deep in a dying universe, the end of time is coming. Only four children hold the key to defeating the evil Tar-klis, the Dragon King tyrant, Grimhildr the witch vampire and Sugwin the wicked imp. Can Tyersel, Simon, Clough and Shifter unite and make the perilous cross-world journey to overcome the evil forces and save the forsaken? With the fantastical worlds of J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the epic adventures and magic of CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, this enchanting story will captivate readers young and old alike.
Blending the familiar with the allegorical and wholly unexpected, this polished fantasy of a doomed future Earth from O’Farrell (author of The Kingdom of Nought) finds four brave orphans receiving the divine gifts necessary to prepare for the approaching end times. Siblings Tyersel, Simon, and Clough alongside their friend Shifter, are baptized as the L’amie, the chosen ones, by an angelic woman and bearer of celestial endowments or gifts, Magdell, whose name translates to “Sacred Feminine.” As their planet faces its imminent death, a time when “fire and water, earth and sky, light and darkness, time and gravity will become Korb” (or “singular”), the L’amie come face-to-face with a variety of nefarious foes including a vampiric witch, militant police, and a power-hungry king. Armed with surprising new abilities and gear, the L’amie must carry out an urgent but surprising mission before humanity becomes extinct.

Their goal: not to prevent the apocalypse but to help usher the faithful into the peaceful and welcoming void when the event occurs. O’Farrell uses religious allegory to tell a story about faith, friendship, and family in a world shattered after atomic wars and a “silent phase,” a period when humanity could no longer hear the guidance of the “silent one.” The children bring renewed hope to humanity that the “silent one” has not abandoned humankind. O’Farrell explores other surprising elements, like the survival of some Earthly tech (an “IBM orb”) and artifacts (the Holy Grail itself), and the dichotomy between the Inner City, a technology-rich haven for the wealthy, and the desolate Outer Zone, which leads to tension between the rich and poor.

O’Farrell comments on the relationship between science and faith and the importance of family and friendship. He also provides a glossary as a reference to help readers navigate the new angelic language spoken by the L’amie. Readers looking for intriguing religious allegory, expansive worldbuilding, and inventive takes on fantasy archetypes will enjoy this tale.

Takeaway: Epic fantasy blending allegory, surprise, and chosen-one tradition.

Comparable Titles: Andrew Peterson’s On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Donita K. Paul’s Dragon Keepers Chronicles.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: B