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Defiant Diva
Diva behavior or demon behavior? Mezzo-soprano Daylia Fedora is a true diva, an artiste renowned for her operatic mastery. Her problem? Rage attacks against other singers. With her career on the line, Daylia single-mindedly seeks an exorcist to rid her of the demon she’s convinced causes her destructive behavior. No one believes there’s a demon, not even Dex Morgan, the handsome tech billionaire Daylia meets on a magical night at a charity ball. Dex’s romantic pursuit of Daylia to the Washington, DC, opera house where she’s to sing Carmen is exciting, but she won’t let romance distract her from her goal of obtaining an exorcism. Daylia’s stubbornness blinds her to multiple omens that a demon may not be the source of all her troubles. Defiant Diva is a stand-alone, slow burn sweet contemporary romance and Book 3 in the Singers in Love series. Enter the world of opera through the eyes of a woman in love. The Singers in Love series so far: Haunted Tenor Friendzoned Soprano Defiant Diva