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Deliver us from Evil; Sing to the Lord and Dance with the Devil.ISBN: 979-8-88622-053-7
Deliver Us from Evil: Sing to the Lord and Dance with the Devil; Synopsis By PAUL ADRIAN McGowan One stormy midnight, during what became known as 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland, PETER & SHIRLEY GROWER, a famous Gospel Singing Duo, arrive at the home of PAUL MCGOWAN, a close friend and Deacon in their Church Fellowship. Shirley has laryngitis and needs prayer. Peter, unbeknown to PAUL, is possessed by an Evil Spirit out to destroy Paul & his family. During Paul's Prayer, the Spirit manifests in the room, causing Peter to levitate above the couch. Paul immediately jumps on top of Peter, screaming, "What's your name?". "Never mind our name, we know your name, and we will destroy you," the demon taunts, throwing Paul across the room. The Church Pastor, BOBBY MILLAR, who is more concerned about the damage to 'His Church' (i.e., his Business), silences PAUL and orders him not to consult anymore with the Growers or the group of "Prayer Warriors" whom PAUL has gathered to help the young couple. The Bank that PAUL manages closes, and he loses his job and home. Threatened by two corrupt police officers, who are debt collecting for the owner of the Petrol Station, where the Bank had an account, Paul's rebuttal is to threaten to report the two officers to PAUL's Cousin, who is an RUC Chief Superintendent. Paul is arrested and falsely accused of Fraud so that the cops may save their jobs. BOBBY MILLAR forces Paul to resign from his various Ministries within the Church (except for cleaning the building). Paul quits, tells Bobby to stick to his Church and God, and walks out. PAUL takes an offer of a job in Dublin and returns to the drink, telling his wife, LESLEY, and family that he will devote his future life to the job and no longer to any church. Paul's marriage becomes strained because of his drinking and his behaviour. Following a serious row with his wife, Paul visits three pubs purposely to become drunk and commit suicide. He goes to the lake and tries to jump off the pier at the deepest part. An Angel rescues PAUL from death and eventually knocks him to the ground. He announces that Paul has cursed GOD, but GOD has not cursed PAUL, and instead of the Judgement after death, PAUL has been spared for a 'Life Review' to show him the times where GOD had entered his life or sent an ANGEL to rescue him. Seventeen years after fighting many battles and overcoming them with GOD's help, PAUL hears that PETER GROWER, now a senior Pastor in the same organisation as BOBBY MILLAR (now deceased), has been arrested for 'Child Abuse' and is in Jail. SHIRLEY has divorced him. PAUL's prayer group members had formed to help the young couple suffer various disasters. Following three strokes, the Doctors in Wexford Hospital expected Paul to die. Their only answer to releasing him was that the prayers at his bedside saved his life. Paul, now 74, is a motivational speaker and still works as a consultant in the Pensions & Investments Industry. He believes that Jesus is the Son of God (Abba – our Daddy), the only answer to our problems. He also knows that although you cannot change the world, you can always change someone's world. He prays that his book will do exactly that.